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The CIC Powerbox™ is a patented and emission-free portable power and utility system. Our products have been proven in the field for over 10 years by providing our customers with rechargeable, reliable, convenient and commercial grade 115-volt AC electrical power, 2,100 cranking amps jump-start power, and 125 PSI compressed air power wherever they may need it.


*Item can be upgraded




  • 2 Key Sets
  • CIC Powerbox™ Owner’s Manual
  • CIC Powerbox™ Installation Manual




Built-in Air Compressor System

  • 2.1 CFM Removable oil-less air compression system*
  • 125 PSI Air Power / 90 PSI Recycle


115v AC Modified Sine Wave Electrical Power

  • 2 hour work time battery
  • 4,000-watt peak / 2,000-watt continuous built-in inverter system
  • Automatic thermal and voltage overload safety kick-out
  • Double rocker switch for AC & USB power OR USB only power option
  • 3 internal AC outlets
  • 2 internal USB power ports


Up to 2,100 Cranking Amps Jump Start Power

  • Working conditions from -40° F up to 140° F
  • External Red Anderson® Connector Jump Start Port with Dust Cover
  • Internal DC cigarette lighter port
  • 4 AWG 12' Jumper Cables* 


Three Charging Options

  • Built-In automatic 5-amp float charger 115V AC
  • 12-volt DC cigarette adapter (with male to male connector)
  • 12-volt alternator recharging capability 


K&G Portable Toolbox

  • key locking mechanism
  • 1 Cubic Feet Storage Space
  • Dimensions:
    • 95 lbs 

    • 2' Long X 1' Wide X 1' Tall 


*UPGRADE SPECIFICATIONS  (select at additional cost above)

  • Black Powder Coat (Gloss)
  • 1 AWG 12' Heavy Duty Jumper Cables (extensions available)
  • 2.56 CFM 120 Max Removable Heavy Duty Air Compressor
    Jumper Cables
    Air Compressor
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