Imagine an AIR COMPRESSOR, a GENERATOR, and a heavy duty JUMP START system with you at all times in the convenience of your toolbox.  With the press of a button, you have access to electric power, air power, and jump-start capability.  Reclaim your truck bed without sacrificing the power and utility you need to get the job done.  No more dealing with noisy, expensive, gas generators and air compressors.  Our patented smart connect re-charging technology automatically connects to any 12v vehicle when your vehicle is running to start charging and automatically disconnects when you turn off your vehicle.  Run down your Powerbox battery?  Start your vehicle.  Run down your vehicle battery?  Press the "Self Jump-Start" button to automatically backfeed the stored power from your Powerbox to your vehicle for an instant jump-start.  This unit features a 25' retractable air hose, 30' retractable AC electric cord reel, a 6 outlet powerstrip,  2 weather-resistant external AC duplex outlets, a universal air coupler, and an external Anderson® connector jump-start port.  With the press of a button, you can run Grinders, Impacts, Nail Guns, Circle Saws, and Chainsaws on the jobsite, in the pasture, in the woods, or in any remote location, while still having room to store your tools.  Change the way you get the job done, with the CIC Powerbox® Crossover model.



Powerbox Portable Power Toolbox Generator


115v AC Modified Sine Wave Inverter

  • 2,000 watt continuous / 4,000 watt surge

  • 1,350 watt hour capacity

  • Removable 30’ retractable 16 AWG extension cord reel with 3 outlets

  • 15 amp 6-outlet power strip

  • 20 amp weather-resistant external AC duplex outlet

  • 2 LED built-in work lights

Powerbox Portable Power Toolbox Generator


Built-in Air Compressor System

  • 125 PSI max / 90 PSI recycle

  • 3 CFM @ 90 PSI oil-less DC air compressor

  • 25’ retractable 3/8” air hose

  • 3 gallon built-in corrosion resistant air tank

  • Air pressure regulator with gauges

  • Auxiliary air coupler for spare tank connection and condensation evacuation

Powerbox Portable Power Toolbox Generator


12V DC Jump-Start with up to 2,100 Cranking Amps

  • Working conditions from -40°F up to 140°F

  • One touch self jump start feature

  • 1 AWG 12' jumper cables

  • Red Anderson® connector jump start port

Powerbox Portable Power in Toolbox


Simply start the motor of your vehicle and your CIC Powerbox™ will automatically connect itself to be recharged from your alternating electrical system.  The simple 2 wire hookup is all that is required, one wire to the positive terminal of your battery, and one negative ground wire to the vehicle’s chassis.


No other modifications needed. 

Other Specifications

Weather Guard® Crossover Toolbox

  • Insulated security lid - 1,500 lb. rating

  • Dual independent locking mechanisms

  • 2 LED work lights mounted to lid

  • 7 Cubic Feet Storage Space*

  • Dimensions:

    • 300 lbs 

    • 71” Long X 21” Wide X 17.5” Tall / 11" Rail Depth



  • Tamper-resistant, retracting EXTREME PROTECTION® Lock helps protect against break-ins

  • 90 degree cover opening for easy access

  • Automotive-style rotary latch features smooth one-touch opening

  • Full weather seal protects against the elements

  • Convenient attachment points secures materials and tools in pickup bed

  • ARMOR TUF® Coat finish ensures years of dependability



  •  2 mounting J-bolts complete with washers and ½” lock-nuts, rail drill screws (5/16") provided with some models

  • Fusible Link complete with bolt, 2 washers, and 7/16" nut.

  • 2 adhesive protective foam rail strips

  • 2 key sets

  • 4 compartment sliding tray

  • 21' of 2 AWG Positive vehicle-connection cable

  • 4' of 2 AWG negative grounding cable and 1" mounting drill screw 3/8"

  • 10 pcs 8” Military Grade Cable Ties

  • CIC Powerbox™ Owner’s Manual

  • CIC Powerbox™ Installation Manual