CIC Powerbox™ 



Pro Formula Drift Driver

“We’re excited to bring CIC Powerbox into motorsports this year. We’ll be utilizing their Powergrid in the back of the Mercedes Sprinter we use to haul our team to the track. We’re excited about all its utilitarian functions, from jump starting and filling air compressors to its pit space welding capabilities. It’s awesome, it essentially turns our van into a mobile shop!” (2).png

Born in the small city of Swidnik, Poland, from a Polish mother and a Laz father, Faruk immigrated to the United States when he was very young. Growing up in San Francisco, he found car culture and racing fascinating from a young age and he started drifting in 2002. He faced financial hardship in what can be an expensive sport professionally, so remained close to his passion by helping and working at drifting events. In 2007 he moved to Europe where he organized, announced, and judged events as well as taught drifting. He reentered competitive drifting as a driver in 2012 to dedicate himself to compete professionally in Formula Drift. He first earned his Pro 2 license in 2014 and in 2015 he earned his Pro 1 License. In 2019, he was featured in multiple episodes of the Netflix show, Hyperdrive. On Wednesday nights he can be found at Sonoma Raceway as the manager of Sonoma Drift, along with the wildly popular Winter Jam held in December. Daily he works as a partner at SGK Performance, which is also located at Sonoma Raceway. His shop builds, maintains, and modifies street and race cars alike.