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To promote environmentally friendly energy and safer working environments without sacrificing the power and utility it takes to get the job done

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Mike Windsor was born and raised in Southeast Kansas where he spent his youth learning the virtues of hard work while farming local land with his father, grandfather, and uncles. As he approached college in the late 70’s, he chose a career in electronic engineering; a field he was both passionate about and foresaw as an integral part of the future.


Earning his Electronic Engineering Degree from Pittsburg State University in 1981, Mike immediately entered the electronic industry in Kansas City, MO. In 1986 Mike moved to Boston to fulfill the role of Nation Sales Manager for Parlex and over the next 10 years he and his wife raised four boys as Michael continued to build his skills in the industry. In 1996, Mike again moved, this time to Denver to act as President and COO for Electri-Tek Inc. until 2000 when, due to medical reasons with his extended family, Michael decided to move his family back to Southeast Kansas for support.

The CIC Powerbox™ was invented and patented by Mike E. Windsor in the heartland of America.

An electronic engineering technologist by trade, Mike used his knowledge and skills acquired over three decades in the electronics and aerospace industry to create the world’s first AC powered truck box.



After moving the family to an 80-acre farm, Mike began building a 7,000 square foot work shed. One rainy evening while using electrical tools on the roof of the shed (which we recommend no one ever attempts to do), he became frustrated as the hundreds of feet of electrical cord running to the house to provide him power continually tripped the circuit breaker. He realized that if he had power in his truck, he could work wherever he wanted and the concept for the first Powerbox was born.


 He began with a simple power inverter system in his truck toolbox, slowly adding to the design until he realized that a power system like this had never been built before. Completing his first prototype in 2003, he finalized his design and filed for a utility patent in 2005. While awaiting approval from the patent office, Mike continued improving and selling his Powerboxes while raising his family. 6 ½ years after his initial filing, the patent office finally awarded him the full utility patent for the CIC Powerbox™ product line.


Before beginning full production operation on the CIC Powerbox™ family of products, Mike left his 5-year position in the defense aerospace industry that had helped keep his Powerbox dream alive. Although he was passionate about his career, he made the decision to leave his success as an employee of the electronics industry to take the CIC Powerbox™ line of products forward in hopes of revolutionizing the industry.​



Over a decade from that rainy night, Mike, two of his sons, and the rest of the CIC Powerbox™ team have perfected his designs and have continued to innovate and release new products under his utility patent that are unmatched in the industry.


The CIC Powerbox™ product line harnesses the raw American spirit of getting the job done while integrating practical and environmentally friendly technology that harnesses energy which is otherwise wasted.


With customers ranging from farmers to military bases and spanning from Alaska to Texas, the CIC Powerbox™ name has been put to the test for over a decade in the hardest working environments. CIC POWERBOX, LLC has continued to build upon our founder’s dedication to building a powerful and reliable U.S. product backed by unwavering support for the customers who have helped get us where we are today.


            All of us here at CIC POWERBOX, LLC know that following your dreams isn’t easy and the path to success is a long and difficult road. We hope that for some of you, our products will help make that expedition a little bit easier. We welcome you to join the CIC Powercrew™ and become a part of our story and we invite our customers to share their experiences with us and let us know how we’ve played a part in their journey.

             Whoever you are, wherever you come from, and whatever your dreams may be, just remember…