12v Chest

The CIC Powerbox™ Chest is the perfect solution to customers who want all the capabilities of our Crossover model but need something low profile.  The Chest works great with Tonneau Covers and Truck Toppers as the Chest mounts below the bed rail.  Providing 4 cubic feet of storage space and security key lock lid, the chest easily mounts in Utility Beds, Utility Vans, and on the tongue's of Work Trailers.   Our products have been proven in the field for over 10 years by providing our customers with rechargeable, reliable, convenient and commercial grade 115 volt AC electrical power, 2,100 cranking amps jump start power, and 125 PSI compressed air power wherever they may need it.

Commercial Financing?

As Low As $82 A Month!

What's in the box?



115v AC Modified Sine Wave Electrical Power

  • 4-hour work time battery 

  • 4,000-watt peak 2,000-watt continuous built-in inverter system

  • Automatic thermal and voltage overload safety kick-out

  • 2 weather-resistant external AC outlets

  • Internal multiple outlet power strip

  • Removable 30’ retractable 16 AWG* extension cord with 3 grounded outlets and mounting bracket



Built-in Air Compressor System

  • 4 CFM oil-less air compression system

  • 125 PSI Air Power / 90 PSI Recycle

  • 2 gallon built-in non-rusting air reserve tank

  • Auxiliary air coupler for spare tank connection for more air volume and condensation dispersion

  • Air pressure gauge with adjustable airflow dial

  • Pop off air-release valve with pull ring

  • Built-In 25’ retractable 3/8” Air Hose, 300 PSI max with air coupler

  • 2 male air coupler fittings (1 male / 1 female thread) NPT 1/4" brass



Up to 2,100 Cranking Amps Jump Start Power

  • Working conditions from -40° F up to 140° F

  • External Red Anderson® Connector Jump Start Port with Dust Cover

  • 4 AWG 12' Jumper Cables

How does the box Re-Charge?


 Your vehicle motor will recharge your CIC 

Powerbox™ on-board battery system while you drive. The simple 2 wire hookup is all that is required, one wire to the positive terminal of your battery, and one negative ground wire to the vehicle’s chassis.


No other modifications needed. 


What about Upgrades?

Black Powder Coat

1 AWG 12' Heavy Duty

Jumper Cables

(extensions available)

Transferrable Forklift Mount

TowMate® Safety Lighting

Vehicle Quick Disconnect

Want it in a 



Other Specifications

Delta™ Professional Series Chest Toolbox*

  • Key Locking Mechanism

  • 2 LED work lights mounted to lid

  • 4 Cubic Feet Storage Space

  • Dimensions:

    • ~260lbs 

    • 48” Long X 20” Wide X 18” Tall


  • 2 mounting J-bolts complete with washers and ½” lock-nuts, rail drill screws (5/16") provided with some models

  • 2 key sets

  • 21' of # 2 Positive vehicle-connection cable with split loom

  • 4' of # 2 AWG negative grounding cable and 1" mounting drill screw 3/8"

  • 10 pcs 8” Military Grade Cable Ties

  • CIC Powerbox™ Owner’s Manual

  • CIC Powerbox™ Installation Manual



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